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Outcomes :

Capture. Retain. Engage. Convert Buyers.

Raise Funds. Increase Visibility. Create Awareness.

Promote. Inform. Launch. Influence. Lead.

Inspire. Empower. Thank. Celebrate.

Community. Partnership.

Ignite Your Business.

To empower your business with compelling content, event and resource development activities that will engage your clients, increase your visibility, raise funds and celebrate causes.

Your growth and sustainability are key to our ongoing commitment to your company’s mission.

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Recent Projects

2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO
2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO.

International Cookbook, by newcomers to Ottawa
A multicultural cookbook. Menus created by OCISO LINC students and teachers. 

Creative Platinum Events
Presents Ottawa's only Man Show on Father's Day weekend, June 19-…

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Business Radiance is a one stop shop for your communications, events and resource development. We specialize in writing effective and compelling content as well as organize classy events to engage people, increase visibility, raise funds and celebrate causes.

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